Shibori Stream Online Classes – Level 2: Returning Students (Starts 18th Nov)


Second set of Shibori Stream sessions for students who have already completed the first block of sessions.

The sessions will be weekly for 6 weeks and will be for 2 hours each week with a 15 minute break.

On booking you will receive:-

  • A requirements list
  • Guidance on equipment
  • Instructions to join the Zoom class remain the same
  • Access to our password protected Shibori Stream members area

The classes are ongoing and bookings are taken for 6 weeks at a time.

This second course of 6 sessions for returning students includes a selection of the following:-

1. Back to stitching on single layer of fabric to work more complex stitch techniques
2. Further work with grids
3. Setting up traditional patterns
4. Pleating for hand stitching
5. Dealing with silk – techniques such as hotaru shibori.
6. Cylinder wrapping – Bo maki shibori.
a. Stitching in preparation for cylinder wrapping.
b. Pleating in preparation for cylinder wrapping.
7. Arashi shibori
8. Itajime
9. Machine stitch shibori
10. Design, pattern planning, a bit more geometry, repeats and getting organised for larger pieces of work
11. Dyes. Organic vat – fruit and also fructose vats. Possibly a urine vat.
12. Tinting with fibre reactive dyes.

This block of sessions begins on Wednesday 18th November at 5pm (UK time).

I look forward to seeing you again!

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