Shibori Stream Online Classes
Part 1: OCT – NOV 2024

A new course begins Monday 21st October 2024

Please note that the start time will change after the first session if you are joining from outside the UK:

21st October at 6pm UK BST
28th October, 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th Nov at 6pm UK GMT

Shibori Stream sessions are weekly.  Each session will be for 2 hours with a 15 minute break. Payment for the 6 week course is made securely through PayPal.

On booking you will receive:-

  • A requirements list prior to the sessions
  • Instructions as how to join the class
  • Guidance on fabric choice
  • Fabric preparation instruction
  • Zoom icon guidance, safety and etiquette
  • Data Security information
  • Access to our password protected members area


Part one will include many of the well known stitch techniques associated with traditional Japanese indigo dyed shibori textiles as well as innovative techniques and approaches.

The Part 1 sessions include the nui shibori techniques that will enable you to work a myriad of shibori patterns and designs and provide you with the necessary skills to create your own shibori motifs, shibori patterns and shibori art. Learn how to construct some of the well-loved indigo dyed Japanese traditional patterns such as Tatewaku pattern, Mokume shibori, Kawari mokume shibori and linked circle pattern with the use of some basic geometry. An inspirational teacher Jane, who doesn’t forget the detail, delivers an intensive and engaging course using several teaching styles. She opens doors to myriad possibilities within this Japanese aizome art form and reveals the versatility of stitch. The practitioner will find her hints and tips will help hone and sharpen skills while beginners will soon be on their way to creating lovely shibori. All are encouraged to work at their own pace.

The many stitch resist styles include:-

  • Hira-nui, hishaki-nui, ori-nui, sugi nui, all with variations, combinations and innovations to create pattern, design, and shibori art.
  • Make-nui, Awase nui
  • Guntai shibori
  • Buffers
  • Floating thread innovations
  • Binding techniques, ne-maki shibori, kumo shibori, maki-age shibori
  • Various boshi techniques
  • Wrapping to a central core
  • Dip dyeing
  • Motif development – large and small scale
  • Her innovative double needle technique
  • Making indigo vats, synthetic, natural, banana/fructose vat and tint
  • An introduction to the grid
  • An introduction to creating shibori motifs for pattern
  • Pattern and design options


Many of the techniques are to be found in her book ‘Stitched Shibori’ Technique Innovation, Pattern, Design available on this website.

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