Shibori Stream Online Classes
Part 2: April – May 2024

Thursdays, 18th April – 23rd May

6pm, UK time zone (BST)

The sessions will be weekly for 6 weeks and will be for 2 hours each week with a 15 minute break.

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In part 2 there are further and more complex and innovative nui shibori stitch techniques. We will be looking at the many inventive traditional Japanese shibori techniques when it comes to binding to a central core using cylinders and rope and can bring our own interpretation to these methods. Itajime is introduced and there are many different approaches that can be taken to bring about great differences. Techniques can be combined in innovative ways and we will look at other dye processes.

I look forward to seeing you again!


  • Stabilising and marking up fabric for larger pieces of work
  • Complex stitch techniques on single layer of fabric
  • Further stitch work with grids for linear pattern
  • Pleating for hand stitching
  • Bo maki shibori – binding to a central core, such as a cylinder or rope
  • Introduction to Shirokage and Shirokage motif
  • Kami-ate shibori
  • Pleating in preparation for cylinder wrapping
  • Combination techniques in preparation for cylinder wrapping
  • Rope binding – Shin ire for yanagi shibori pattern, the willow pattern.
  • Pleated binding such as tazuna shibori and nui yoro
  • Arashi shibori basics
  • Itajime – fold and clamp techniques
  • Inspiration from nature
  • Design and pattern planning – understanding repeats
  • Kikko shibori
  • The underlying geometry of traditional patterns – working this together
  • Tinting and dip dyeing for mist colour with fibre reactive dyes
  • Spot dyeing
  • Additional dye processes

Comprehensive notes are given out after every session.

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