Instructions for stitched shibori

The items on this page can be downloaded. They do not include a template or stencil.

These downloadable instructions will enable you to achieve the stitched shibori (tie dye) motifs and patterns shown. They do not include information on the knots required which are available as a separate sheet. The images below show results on 100% cotton poplin after indigo or iron rust dyeing. As the technique can be used on other fabrics and dyes they do not include dye recipes. Bear in mind the results will be different.
The leaves are an excellent start for beginners as they offer very different approaches to stitching. They include the shape for you to trace, clear diagrams on drafting up the designs and how to stitch them. Each leaf shows a roundel placement. This is a suggestion only – you can design with the leaf shape as you wish. Roundel placement guides are available separately.
The blossoms have the complete motif for you to trace and instructions on any additional technique required, such as binding.
The patterns have the basic geometry on which to generate a repeat pattern as well as stitching instructions.