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Online interactive classes
Shibori Stream online classes

Shibori Stream online courses are for groups of participants via Zoom. Part 1 and Part 2 courses are for 6 weeks each.

A free shibori social session is offered once the courses have finished to resolve any problems and for participants to keep in touch, motivated and creative.

Each session is 2 hours with a 15 minute break. Many techniques will be covered as in a real life workshop but teaching methods will of course be different. The first class includes a short introduction followed by a discussion on fabric choices and shibori thread.

Part 1 opens with stitching on a single layer of fabric where many options for creating pattern and design can be found. In further classes we’ll deal with folds, different ways of creating shapes, tonal control, varied stitch techniques, combined techniques and building indigo vats which can be managed easily at home.

Remember, unlike video tutorials, these sessions are live and interactive, with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and, if an initial explanation is not fully understood, a different approach can be taken at once which will hopefully clarify a technique satisfactorily.

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New dates to be announced.

New dates to be announced.

Machine stitch shibori workshop

Machine Stitch Shibori

New workshops to be announced soon.

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What you will need to do


In order to take part in the online classes, you will need to have downloaded the ‘Zoom’ application to your device. This is free, You do not have to open a Zoom account. However you are required to register as a user so please be prepared with a password.
Please familiarise yourself with Zoom’s audio and video facility before the class. Test it with friends first perhaps.


For a fuller and more inclusive experience please download Zoom to an iPad, tablet, lap top or main computer.  Avoid using a mobile phone if at all possible.


Classes are held in UK London time. Please check with a time converter website for your local time. A choice of day, where applicable, is given on the online booking form.



In order to access the member’s page you will need to register for free in order to generate your own personal and secure password. You will be prompted to do so when you book in. Please be prepared with a password.

On booking you will receive:-

A requirements list prior to the sessions
Instructions as how to join the class
Guidance on fabric choice
Fabric preparation instruction
Zoom icon guidance, safety and etiquette
Data Security information

During the course participants will receive:-

1. Comprehensive notes on the topics covered during the class.
2. Clear diagrams as seen worked during the class.
3. Access to the free member’s page for video technique prompts. Some may be silent.

Shibori Stream Reviews

Jane’s workshops are not to be missed—they will not disappoint.  She is a master taking you along step by step, with a methodical delivery covering many techniques with videos and live zoom demonstrations.  Her giving, warm style, impact an intimate one to one experience.  I loved the knowledge and process I picked up with her Series I and 2.  If you are here, and you want more Shibori, then you will not go wrong if you sign up and jump in.
Robin, Staten Island, USA

The Shibori course I made with Jane, has been very beneficial, it enlarged my knowledge of Shibori, a technique I started to use following my visit to Japan 3 years ago, and during the lockdown it encouraged me to keep busy and creative and helped my morale and wellbeing.

I was always scared of doing the Indigo vat, yet learnt to do it with very good results on the fabric. I started to understand the extraordinary riches of the stitches and blue shades of Indigo.

Jane is a fantastic teacher, the zoom class is well organized, with clear explanations, quality of sound and images. Sessions were followed by question time and sharing the results between us and on the website gallery: all this devised and organized by Jane, She is remarkable and inspiring.
Julieta, London, UK

If you want to learn how to produce high quality stitched shibori pieces, take a class with Jane Callender. Her classes give additional depth to the techniques in her much heralded book and the video prompts from each class help to reinforce and solidify how to accomplish the stitches taught.  The zoom format of the classes is actually an advantage to learning because Jane makes sure her lighting and camera angle are perfect for viewing how she performs the stitch techniques. Also, she is responsive to questions both during class and in between classes via email. I am so happy I jumped into the “Shibori Stream!”  Thank you, Jane Callender. 
Cheryl, Chicago, USA

My first introduction to Shibori was a brief overview in a natural dying class that included many other topics. Being intrigued, I did some internet searches and found many reference to Jane Callender. More research lead me to Jane’s excellent book, “Stitched Shibori” as well as her workshops. I purchased the book and enrolled in an on-line workshop; both good decisions!  The workshop provided clear and easy to follow instructions and templates for the Shibori disciplines that are covered in her book. The on-line format of the workshop is ideal, as it provided lots of time between sessions to practice the techniques. I looked forward to each session, not only for of the opportunity to learn Shibori, but because I enjoyed meeting with Jane and other like-minded participants. For anyone interested in learning Shibori techniques, I highly recommend attending a workshop with Jane Callender.
Annette, Seattle, USA

‘I can’t recommend Jane’s shibori courses highly enough. The techniques are beautifully explained, the class is both friendly and inspiring and it is as good as having the tutor in the room with you – possibly better, as the week between sessions gives us plenty of time to produce the samples. I have long wanted to attend a course with Jane having seen her exquisite work many times so eagerly seized this opportunity. If you have ever wanted to know more about this glorious technique, sign up today!’
Jane, Devon, UK

Jane Callender’s Shibori Stream zoom class is shockingly good — absolutely packed full of information, techniques, tips and tricks, and beautiful shibori inspiration. She is also a gracious, thoughtful, generous teacher, who has given us so much in just six short weeks. You are going to love this class!
Lisa, UP State New York, USA

Jane’s book ‘Stitched Shibori’ had been on my Amazon wish list for some time, but I had stopped myself buying it on several occasions as I didn’t have the confidence to tackle the projects alone. I was thrilled to discover that Jane was running Shibori Stream Zoom classes – my Lockdown silver lining! I had originally planned to do one block of lessons, but the more we were taught, the more we discovered there was to learn, so onto the second block! Jane is such a patient and inspiring teacher. Not only was learning to design and stitch enjoyable, but the best bit had to be the anticipation of undoing it again to discover the creation inside. Lessons were friendly and welcoming and as a group, we were inspired by each other’s successes and learned from each other’s experiences, while being coached and encouraged by the lovely Jane. After my first lesson, I bought ‘Stitched Shibori’ and now enjoy delving into it to experiment further. Having finished our second block of lessons, I now look forward to our regular online get-togethers with Jane to catch up with what everyone has been stitching and will be back for the machine stitched shibori lesson soon. I have loved learning with Jane and would certainly recommend her classes.
Nicky, Hampshire, UK

Jane Callender’s classes have given me a much-needed nudge to take my shibori experiments to a more ambitious and artistic level – her instructions are informative and clearly presented, quite inspirational, and FUN!  I’ve enjoyed Jane’s book, Stitched Shibori, but participating in her classes live and interacting with her international students makes all the difference in the world.  Can’t wait for the next one!
Peggy, Colorado, USA

Learning shibori via zoom from home works surprisingly well, mainly due to Jane’s very clear presentation style and her inspirational teaching. Video’s and teaching notes support the teaching in class. It has also been very welcome during this pandemic and great to meet up via zoom with fellow students from far and wide. I miss my Wednesday evening classes.
Sally, Leicestershire, UK

Jane’s book has the best details on Shibori technique that’s out there. All my fellow Shibori students in Colorado use it. Closest thing to a textbook. But sometimes seeing her do the steps, and having the opportunity to ask questions, can add clarification even to her excellent book. I’ve taken an in-person 5-day class (in 2018), and both of her 2020 6-week live web courses.
Debbie, Colorado, USA

If you are thinking of joining Stitched Shibori with Jane Callender, I can assure you it is great fun. I was worried about the stitching but it was OK. Being on Zoom no one sees your work unless you want to show it. I found it a wonderful surprise when something turned out like the picture, if it didn’t – no one need know!
Pippa, Norfolk, UK