Stencils for stitched shibori

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Coupled with your imagination an endless number of traditional and contemporary shibori motifs, patterns and designs can be created using Jane’s innovative and unique stencils.

Ideal for both beginners and those exploring advanced shibori techniques, they are cut with precision more intricately than templates making shibori stitching guidelines quick and easy to mark on the fabric. Being sturdier than the average craft stencil they are easy to use and can be used time and again for repeat shibori patterns. Sizes for completed shapes range between 15cm to 20cm (6-8″) .

Below are examples that have been created by using either the narrow gauge stencil for fine, light weight fabrics or the wide gauge for heavier fabrics. The difference can be seen clearly in the Hexagon images below. Various dyes and dye combinations show how different outcomes can be. Results will also depend on the fabric chosen.

Jane shares her mastery of the stitched shibori technique in her instructions which are supported by clear diagrams. Ideas for patterns which can lead on to advanced shibori techniques are also included.

No instruction for knots is given. This is available separately as a download. No dyeing instruction is given.

Jane has worked with her shibori stencils for many years and uses them in her workshops.

A short video introduction to the callishibori stencil.
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A short video introduction to the callishibori Chain stencil.
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A short video introduction to templates
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Large Shibori stencils

These larger stencils are based on miru shibori but offer innovative and different ways to create a symmetrical shape. Completed shibori measurements are given.