Templates for stitched shibori

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Coupled with your imagination, an endless number of shibori motifs, patterns and designs can be created using these unique templates which Jane has designed to simplify the task of ‘marking up’.

They come as sturdy solid shapes with a registration key to guide placement. Being thicker than regular templates they make marking-up much quicker and are ideal for building repeat patterns as they can be used time and again.
Jane brings her expertise to the stitching instructions which are supported by clear diagrams to create these unique resists. Ideas for pattern development are also included.

Stitching instruction for these unique resists, clear diagrams and ideas for pattern development are included with each template. The examples have been worked on a medium weight cotton poplin. Results will depend on the fabric you choose.

No instruction for knots is given. The instruction for knots is available separately as a download. No dyeing instruction is given.

Jane has worked with her templates for many years and uses them in her workshops.