Norfolk Workshops


The number of participants will be kept to 6.
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Jane Callender shares her expertise in shibori and indigo techniques in Workshops at her ‘Blue Leaf’ studio in Norfolk, UK.

Course Options

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1. Independent Groups

2. Three Day Course

3. Summer School

4. Monthly Sessions

Shibori Workshop in Jane Callender's studio in Norfolk, UK

Independent Groups

A group of friends can book a Norfolk workshop. Simply get in touch to sort out dates. 2 days minimum.

The workshop can be geared towards the ability of the group. For example, a beginners group may like an introduction to all techniques. Those with some experience of shibori and indigo dyeing may like to concentrate on perfecting a specific technique. Get in touch for further details, costs and to book a place.

Three Day Course

All of the techniques will be shown but there isn’t time to fully explore each technique. Consequently this makes for a good taster introduction to shibori and indigo dyeing. For the more experience practitioner this time would provide the opportunity to trouble shoot or focus on a particular aspect. You may choose to work on preliminary ideas for a larger piece. It is hoped that at least two different strength indigo dye vats will be available. Depending on the weather, one or two natural dye baths may be available.

Get in touch for further details, costs and to book a place.

Evening meal plans

Either an impromptu fish and chip beach supper or barbecue – depending on the weather. Or supper at a pub.

Upcoming dates

None are planned as yet.

Summer School

Summer school provides the time to really get focused. All techniques will be included and the possibilities of combination methods discussed. A selection of natural dyes will be available as will other techniques such as de-gumming and discharge dyeing.

Beginners will have the time to learn, observe and develop their results and the more experienced practitioner will have the opportunity to fully explore a particular aspect of shibori and refine existing skills. Pattern planning will be introduced. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace.

Evening meal plans

Impromptu fish and chip beach supper or barbecue – depending on the weather.
Supper at a pub.

An optional evening meal will be provided on two nights at £15 per head.

Travelling companions welcome.

Upcoming dates

Monday 22nd – Friday 26th July 2024 with the option of staying on for the weekend 27/28th.

Monday 5th – Friday 9th August 2024 with the option of staying on for weekend 10/11th

Get in touch for further details, costs and to book a place.

Summer School Assistants

For the last four years a student from West Surrey College of Art and Design, now known as University of Creative Arts, Farnham, assists to ensure the smooth running of the course. Having learnt about indigo at Farnham and having been taught by Deryn O’Connor, Susan Bosence and Diana Harrison this link provides a sense of continuity. The assistant can participate in the course and accommodation and hospitality is provided in exchange for help with general preparation, vat and dye preparation and maintenance, helping participants and with meal preparation.

Past assistants
2016 Jennifer Mok – skilled silk weaver specialising in the graduation of colour and ikat
2017 Adora Mehitabel – textile print designer promoting lifestyle
2018 Beth Rodgers – currently working as artist in residence at Farnham
2019 Rosie Holttum – Rosie has been setting up her studio to work with natural dyes

Monthly Sessions

These monthly sessions are ideally suited to those who have some experience of shibori and dyeing and who would like to develop their skills. It would also be a good time to embark on a specific project such as producing pieces for a quilt or a garment. Those who are new to shibori would also benefit from these monthly sessions. Numbers will be limited to 6 per session. Both abilities will be welcome to either day.

9.30 Meet and greet coffee in readiness for a 10 am start
12.45 – 1.15pm light lunch
4pm close.
Tea and cake will be available in the afternoon. Refreshments are available all day.

Dates to be announced

Get in touch for further details, costs and to book a place.

Upcoming dates

To book a place on a Norfolk workshop please contact Jane.

Three day courses

None are planned as yet.

Summer School

Monday 22nd – Friday 26th July 2024 with the option of staying on for the weekend 27/28th.

Monday 5th – Friday 9th August 2024 with the option of staying on for weekend 10/11th

Getting to ‘Blue leaf’


The post code for Satellite Navigation systems will be sent on request. The full address will be sent on booking. There is ample parking.


The nearest and most convenient train station is Diss, 20 minutes’ drive away. The journey from London’s Liverpool Street station to Diss is 1¾ hrs. Other train station options, though not so convenient, are Attleborough, a 40 minute drive away, and Norwich, about an hour’s drive away. You will be collected from the stations. However it is preferred, if at all possible, that you arrive in Diss.


Norwich Airport is 1½hr drive away. Please let Jane know your flight arrival times as you will be collected. Stansted Airport is a 2½ drive if you plan to hire a car. It is advisable for those travelling from overseas to get to London Heathrow or Gatwick Airports where there are train links at the airport into London. Make your way to Liverpool Street station where you can get the train to Diss.

Please get in touch if you have any transport difficulties.


This is a rural area and there are plenty of airB&B and guest houses in the surrounding villages and towns. Click here for some accommodation information.


The courses focus on the shibori technique. The number of techniques and dyes included on a course depends on the duration of the course and the specific interest of a group.

Stitch resist includes the basics – hira-nui, ori-nui and make-nui with many variations, combinations and innovations
Binding techniques, ne-maki shibori plus maki-age shibori; various boshi techniques to cap and reserve
Bo maki shibori – cylinder/pole wrapping – methods include the ever popular arashi
Itajime – board clamping
Machined resists
Lesser known shibori techniques such as hotaru and shirokage shibori may be introduced
Pattern planning
Combination methods


The main dye used is indigo. One main strong vat will be prepared for use with additional vats being made as required. Natural, synthetic and organic vats are made depending on the length of the course.

Mineral dye Iron rust, fibre reactive dyes, and a selection of natural dyes such as pomegranate, Brazil (Sappan) wood, logwood, weld, will also be available depending on the duration and focus of the course. A lab fee is charged to cover the cost of additional natural dyes and natural indigo.
De-gumming and discharge immersion baths may be included.

Workshop Details


Beginners and the more experienced are warmly welcomed to all workshops. A maximum of six, sometimes seven students ensures plenty of one to one tuition.


A comprehensive list will be sent nearer the time of the course.
You will need to bring your own fabric. Some preparation will be required and a instruction sheet will be forwarded. A limited amount of fabric will be available for purchase. Boards for itajime are provided but it is appreciated if you can bring your own clamps. Cylinders are provided. Please bring string. If you would like to bring your own boards and cylinders you are welcome to do so.


A small library on textiles and design, shibori and dyeing is available for further research, as are videos and textiles.


9.30 am Welcome coffee for a prompt 10am start.
12.45 – 1.30 Lunch
5 pm Close You will not be disturbed if you are finishing a project.
Refreshments are available throughout the day. Please specify any special dietary needs when booking.


There are a few steps up into the studio and down into the garden where the dyeing takes place. There is plenty of outdoor space and facilities for rinsing off and hanging up. There is a downstairs comfort room.

For information on cost, deposit and booking please contact Jane.

A selection of images in celebration of students' work