Shibori Stream

Online interactive classes
Shibori stitching

Shibori Stream sessions will be for small groups of up to 8 participants. The sessions will be weekly. It is planned that each session will be for an hour and a half with a 15 minute comfort break.
Many techniques will be covered as in a real life workshop. The first session introduces you to shibori and deals with basics – fabric choices, shibori thread and other equipment that you may need as the course progresses. The techniqus we will be looking at in the first session is stitching on single thickness fabric for pattern and design. It is hoped that over several courses we will cover the following:

  • Stitch resist includes the basics – hira-nui, ori-nui and make-nui with many variations, combinations and innovations
  • Binding techniques, ne-maki shibori plus maki-age shibori; various boshi techniques to cap and reserve
  • Bo maki shibori – cylinder/pole wrapping – methods include the ever popular arashi
  • Itajime – board clamping
  • Machined resists – hopefully!
  • Lesser known shibori techniques such as hotaru and shirokage shibori may be introduced
  • Pattern planning
  • Combination methods

What you will need to do

In order to take part in the sessions, you will need to have downloaded the free ‘zoom’ application to your device. For a fuller and more inclusive experience please download to an iPad, tablet, lap top or main computer and avoid using a mobile phone. Please familiarise yourself with zoom’s audio and video facility before the class. Test it with friends first perhaps.
You will need to register as a user. Be prepared and have a password ready.
You do not have to open an account to participate in the class.

The classes are ongoing and bookings are taken for 8 weeks at a time. A choice of day and time are given on the online booking form in UK time.

On booking you will receive:-
A requirements list prior to the sessions
An over view of the 8 weeks classes
A complimentary callishibori stencil of your choice with an order of thread or any other callishibori product
Instructions as how to join the class

Price to be confirmed. Booking will be available soon.

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