Indigo Shibori by Jane Callender

Having an international reputation, Jane Callender is an award winning and innovative textile artist who works in the traditional Japanese resist dying methods of Shibori with aizome, indigo dyeing. Specialising in nui shibori, stitched shibori, she shares her considerable teaching experience and expertise through international workshops, presentations and online.

The author and illustrator of two books, (see below for translations), her exclusive ‘callishibori’ range make this art form readily accessible to those wanting to create pattern and art textiles for themselves and engage in the fascinating processes that is shibori.


Presented by The Shibori Community in Cooperation with World Shibori Network Foundation

“As an invited artist I am extremely honoured to participate in this exhibition” 


This best seller continues to inspire beginners and experienced shibori artists alike. It includes motif development, dye recipes and their use, including indigo, natural and fibre reactive dyes.

Also published in French.

This resource book examines tessellations for effective surface decoration, and the construction of repeat pattern for anyone working in design, craft, graphics, fashion or textiles.

Also published in Japanese and Chinese.

These include The Maker’s Atelier, Selvedge, Australia’s Textile Fibre Forum, The Journal of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers, World of Embroidery, Workshop on the Web.

Chinese and Hungarian articles are included.

Courses & Workshops

Jane’s effective teaching model has proved ideal and inspirational for these interactive sessions which are full of information for creating and designing. Beginners are carefully taught.

These are held at established workshops, studios and suitable venues. Please get in touch with Jane for more information if you would like to facilitate a workshop.

Learn how to make an indigo vat and understand the alchemy of its magical transformation. Immerse yourself in shibori and indigo dyeing in the ambience of a peaceful garden. 

Indigo & Shibori

Dip into the mesmerising mystery that is indigo and marvel at its alchemy.

Belonging to the genre of resist dyed textiles, shibori is in a world of its own.

Callishibori products

Shibori at your fingertips

Jane Callender has designed a unique range of stitched shibori tools which are available to buy online. They cover a wide range of techniques which will guide the beginner and the more experienced into exploring advanced shibori techniques. They include hira-nui, ori-nui, miru-nui, maki-age, sugi-nui, guntai shibori, maki-nui and awase-nui. A selection of instructions for her stitched shibori patterns and motifs are available as immediate downloads.

Choose individual leaves or more elaborate blossom motifs. Immediate download.

Complete with instructions these solid shapes come in two sizes. Posted items.

A selection of dynamic shapes, intricately cut with row guides for miru shibori. Posted items.

These pattern plans will help you design a unique shibori fabric. Immediate download.

Bag patterns with clear diagrams for your beautiful shibori fabrics. Immediate download.

This thread has proved to be a favourite. It doesn’t fray and is very strong. Posted item.